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‍How to Work with a Luxury Interior Designer Like Perla Lichi

Dennis Clemente
February 13, 2023
Perla Lichi

How do you know when your future is sealed? In her teens, Perla Lichi entered an interior design competition at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. To her surprise, she won First Place and a full four-year scholarship. Unlike many people who may face stumbling blocks, Lichi saw an open path to establishing a solid, trailblazing career.

Lichi has come a long way. She designs luxury residential and commercial interiors, not just in Florida but all over the world as well. She gives her multilingual team credit for her success.

She has often been quoted as saying, “I design beautiful, functional interiors that set the stage for each individual style, with a comfortable gorgeous background to be enjoyed with family and friends.” 

Lichi and her multilingual team run a tight ship when it comes to meeting a client’s exacting requirements but always keeping in mind to add a client’s art or furnishing for personalization. Since she is quite in demand, get a head start by following her process below:

Initial meeting

She offers a free consultation and planning session. This is when she discusses your project in depth and learns what your design needs are. She would like to “know your dreams,” your budget, and generally get to know you. Then her team will review your architectural plans, decide on a general direction (modern, zen, fusion) and learn about any special requests that you may have in mind.


Married? She said it’s important that the couple meet up with her. 

If coming with collected pictures or magazine clips of things about their home aspirations, they have to show these to her.

As for the location of the initial meeting, it can be scheduled at “your place or ours.” 

The design team will reportedly accommodate your unique scheduling requirements. 

As for why they also suggest you come to their office, it’s because their office doubles as a showroom. It provides the most convenient venue for reviewing product samples.


If the Lichi Design Group mutually decides it is a good match with you, it will present an agreement that details all legal aspects of its agreement and the design fee. This fee is based on the level of design details and /or the square footage of the spaces you want to be designed. 

Once the design fee is paid, you have hired Perla Lichi Design and her team will begin work on your project. She will carefully measure all interior architectural aspects that will affect the space planning and the interior design of your home.

Headed by Perla, her design team then begins the process of designing the interiors, room by room. Each area of interior design – flooring, ceilings, custom cabinetry, lighting, wall detailing and more – requires special attention and has unique requirements. 

Initiating your project 

With each room design, her team will meet and present concepts for your approval. This is their way of ensuring that they are on the right track. Once the concepts have been approved, or appropriate changes made, they continue with the design.

Approval process begins

They provide custom finish samples, swatches or photos along with 3-D renderings for your custom built-in cabinetry, so that you can visualize the complete concept. As they review these drawings and renderings with you, and all product samples and photos, they may suggest improvements or alterations until you are completely satisfied. 

As you review their selections, moving from room to room, they will present proposals for all approved items. Your approval and 50% deposit enables them to proceed with ordering.

Once you approve proposals for paint colors, faux paint effects, custom cabinetry, custom ceilings, custom stairways and other interior detailing, her skilled artisans will begin to build and create your items in their workshops. These are the items that create the background design. Careful attention to detail brings your project together.

In all of these, you may also want to consider bringing in a smart technology integrator like Premium Digital Control & Automation. It provides a smart lighting system, a home theater, motorized window treatments, surveillance cameras, and climate control systems, among other automated technologies, so Lichi’s design team can plan and design around them. 

Please note that Lichi’s design fee is determined based on square footage and the scope and location of each project. This fee is based on their years of experience—of the time and resources that it will take to complete their job professionally to your satisfaction. The fee will also mean you’ve hired Perla Lichi to oversee your project from beginning to end.

Receiving & inspection

A typical home requires 2,000 or more separate items and as they move through your interiors, items that are not part of the background are ordered and shipped to our receiving warehouse where they are inspected and stored until time for installation.

Furniture delivery & placement

Every project is unique and can take as little as three months or as long as three or more years. Once all the backgrounds and built-ins have been installed and all items have been received and carefully inspected, they will schedule an installation date. 

This is when you see the end of the tunnel, so to speak, and your “project” starts becoming a home. Delivery trucks from our receiving warehouse arrive early and under the careful supervision of the design team, with all of your new furniture carefully placed in your home. 

Accessorizing, professional space planning and unique interior detailing ensure that every Lichi designed space is exquisite, but no interior design project is ever complete without the finishing touches of art and accessories. A home that is completely designed and installed will still look unfinished without the right accessories. 

Lichi will  bring artwork and accessories to your home and place them for you where they think they look best. Lichi will tell you that you are not obligated to purchase any of the art or decorative accessories until you fall in love with how they look in your home. 

Lichi’s office in Pompano Beach is located at 2101 NW 33rd Street, Suite 300. For more info, call (954) 726-0899.

Premium Digital Control & Automation can be reached at (954) 637-1361.

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