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Miami Vibe: Britto Charette’s Subtle Coastal Interior Designs Stand Out

Dennis Clemente
January 31, 2023
Coastal bedroom design by Britto Charette with smart lighting

MIAMI–Britto Charette adapts to coastal concepts like fish to water. Founded by two outstanding interior designers, Jay Britto and David Charette of Britto Charette create ultra-luxurious residential properties throughout the US. While Miami may be their home base, they have clients all over, including the Hamptons in New York. Their “coastal” concepts can vary from region to region.

Breaking down coastal concepts in an interview, Mr. Britto said, “Coastal Key West uses more woods that are painted or distressed and accessorized with linens, prints and plenty of materials. Palm Beach is more transitional, while Miami has the clean look which appears more sophisticated.” 

Regalia interior design and smart lighting system

This non-kitschy approach to coastal design means they stay away from the obvious coastal designs of bowls of seashells or Florida wildlife and this is the same subtle approach that Premium Digital Control & Automation offers to its clients when it comes to smart technology systems. 

Premium Digital Control designs and programs holistic smart technology systems for the luxury market, making them seamlessly work as part of the decor, aesthetically or in a functional manner. With smart lighting, for instance, a corner or work can automatically light up or turn off. Automated window treatments add drama to  Miam’s picturesque ocean views. 

Premium’s expert technicians make sure that Britto Charette’s interior design, while making sure the automation that happens in the space makes the residents’ life simpler, more secure and convenient, whether it’s for a personal property or commercial enterprise. Britto Charette and the premium smart technology company work together for this common goal.

From left: David Charette and Jay Britto

Duo’s inspiration from their travels

Established in 2010, Britto Charette finds inspiration from residential projects not only in Florida but also throughout the Americas and in Europe. The duo’s designs are inspired by their travels and experiences worldwide.  

The two met in a design event in Chicago. 

Mr. Britto also finds inspiration in the vibrant colors and culture of Peru, where he was born and raised. Mr. Charette likes to look at every space as an opportunity to create something new and fresh—something that while modern, is respectful of its surroundings. Charette is from Detroit. 

Both of them have worked on ultra-luxurious residential projects – some notable South Beach venues, and a wide array of private residential clients in New York, Montreal, Central and South America and of course, South Florida, their homebase.

As for the credentials of these designers, Mr. Britto has received numerous awards, including the Design Center of the Americas Stars On the Rise award and Interior Design magazine’s coveted Best of Year award, and his innovative work is showcased in many national and international design literature.

Mr. Britto has been known as flexible and collegial but his leadership and design skills shine through. His creative design initiatives include corporate campuses, higher education, commercial, retail, and multimillion-dollar residential. With decades of experience in urban planning, master planning, zoning, streetscapes, and luxury interior design, he is adept at working with key stakeholders in the industry. 

Mr. Charette’s designs have garnered international press and many accolades, including Interior Design magazine’s Best of Year award. 

Talking about awards, their work on MILINA, a 7,454-square-foot new-construction waterfront house in New York’s Hamptons, won a 2021 Built Design Award. Britto Charette designed and provided custom furnishings for the interiors, including a guest bedroom in a deep blue palette, a bunk room, a wine cellar and a home theater with seats that can hold 9 to 10 people. The residence’s Sunset Lounge has a Jetsons-like aesthetic and a chic Champagne Room.

In South Florida, Britto Charette’s work at the 7,600-square-foot Regalia includes 2,100 square feet of wraparound balcony. Britto Charette added dropped ceilings, custom pieces, flooring, and furnished the entire home. This includes the living room, dining room, kitchen, four bedrooms and five bathrooms. 

Miami Marquis by Britto Charette, architecture by Arquitectonica

These highly creative and reliable interior designers have too many projects and awards to feature here, but their modern flair as displayed on its site, awards and the media mileage they have amassed in their decades-long careers, shows how they are leaving a solid imprint in the look, feel and vibe of Miami for many years to come.

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