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Get Smart Tech Design Ideas Using Just Your Photos

Dennis Clemente
January 24, 2022

Premium Digital Control & Automation, the leading smart automation company in South Florida, recently announced a Submit-a-Photo campaign: Get Smart Design Ideas” campaign for dwellers and business owners in South Florida.

Open only to South Florida residents, the campaign invites smart technology enthusiasts to send photos of their personal spaces or place of business. Premium Digital Control will then send two things – a visual guide as well as helpful tips where you can easily add smart technology in your space.

Sandra, a homeowner in Fort Lauderdale, said she needed help with her living room. She was introduced to smart  technology via a voice assistant but realized she could do more. Premium Digital Control emailed her back with this image and helpful tips for her living room. It’s one room but she plans to do whole space automation as well after realizing that she could actually control her place from anywhere, even if she’s far away from her home.

Premium Digital Control is sharing some of these ideas for you to get an idea of how the campaign works – which is as simple as taking a photo of your space and our team emailing you back with a basic makeover design and some helpful tips and recommendations. Below are some sample tips South Florida’s leading technology company shared with her:

woman controlling thermostat
  1. Control your living room using any device

Determine the type of device or human-machine interface (HMI) you need for your living room. Use an in-wall touch panel, smartphone or remote control. You should be able to customize them so you can enjoy full control of your smart space – and the benefits that go with them — for entertainment, security, network access, and simplifying your life.

  1. Have smart lighting for your every mood

It’s tempting to just get a smart bulb and be done with it. But it’s not like you will only need to use the smart bulb in part of your living room, you can have it anywhere around your living room or in your entire space. A centralized energy-saving LED lighting system has endless possibilities. When you need precision, you can choose to have accent lights, wall wash, general lighting or directional lighting. You can control them even when you’re not in your space, through your smartphone.

  1. Programmable thermostat can control your indoor climate and more

Programmable thermostats can save you money as you schedule run times for cooling and heating automatically – and consistently. In-wall touch panels are multipurpose and customizable. You can have the basic thermostats or get the advanced models that allow you to integrate all of your smart home devices together.

  1. Automated window treatments offer safety and efficiency

Motorized blinds protect your furniture and furnishings from discoloration from the South Florida sun. They can prevent accidental suffocation of children and pets, as they are mostly cordless. You can add security or set privacy when you set them automatically to open and close during certain times of the day even when you’re not at home.

  1. Your living room can be your home theater

Wired or wireless, it’s easier than ever to make your living room be your home theater as well. Depending on the space of your living room, you can have an 80-inch TV to go with your speakers, wired or wireless, for an immersive moviegoing experience. Since your guests will naturally gravitate toward your living room, having the right theater system is key.

  1. A smart TV connects to your internet

Smart TVs provide more than just TV programs, movies and music, they’re like computers with web browsing capabilities, including streaming of various media content from companies such as Netflix. Depending on the model, you may no longer need an Apple TV, Fire TV stick or Google Chrome stick. Be aware though that if your smart theater is beside huge windows, it’s not advisable to use a projector as it has a low-contrast ratio.

7. Surveillance cameras and CCTV

Living rooms almost always extend to the backyard these days, so having cameras and CCTV for both your indoor and outdoor living areas are ideal. Get cameras that can do any or all of the following: pan, tilt, zoom, and even withstand rain while also detecting motion or potential threats. Set custom push notifications or alerts when a package arrives at your doorstep.

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