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The Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Luxurious Smart Spaces

Dennis Clemente
November 17, 2022
Holiday gift ideas for smart spaces

Every holiday gift guide out there is focused on personal or individual tech gadgets. But smart technology was really meant for the enjoyment and convenience of groups of people – families, friends and acquaintances. Make your space (and the holidays) 10 times smarter and better with these smart holiday gifts for 2022

If only tech gadgets could talk to each other, they’d probably ask why you always think of them individually and not as part of a holistic system, where every gadget can be integrated to work in sync with other gadgets. 

Yes, it’s cool to have your wireless headphones with you anywhere but then only you can hear that. What if we told you that your audio system can follow you from room to room, indoors and outdoors, and have it working for everyone, not just for you – in high fidelity sound at that. This is what’s missing in 99% of the holiday tech gift guides out there. Each Iot (Internet of Things) product is mostly focused on the individual experience, not the group experience.

Our holiday gift guide is different. We’re focused on the enjoyment of smart technology for a collective group – families, friends, acquaintances, couples. After all, every holiday occasion is almost always a shared celebration. Smart technology works best when the experience is shared as well as used for celebrations, conveniences, efficiencies, entertainment and everyone’s peace of mind.

What do we mean by collective experience? If you have a h me theater, it’s more fun to watch it with a group of people. If you have music in your yard, you could host a party with a good audio system and landscape lighting; yes, the lighting is part of the landscape. Even something as basic as an HVAC/thermostat keypad is shared communally.

We know every other company is selling individual items, and that’s a gargantuan task to weed through. We offer systems because a) they come organized to work together, while individual items may not be compatible with your other gadgets and b) you lessen the number of items you accumulate because a system helps in building only the essential automated tools you need. You can always add, but no longer blindly. 

Really, you don’t need thousands of gadgets, as they are unnecessary distractions. You don’t need to see wiring all over your space for it to appear automated. Premium Digital Control & Automation offers you customized solutions that make the visible seemingly invisible, because they just work. The best system is when things just become part of your household or business without taking too much attention. 

To explain that further, a smart technology system goes beyond just having voice assistants in your place. A room could have audio-video distribution, smart lighting, automated window treatments, surveillance and CCTV, climate control, and many more. 

That’s what you see but the infrastructure underneath them – the cabling, the network – and how they connect or are programmed to your smart system is the key to true automation, not the wireless one-note gimmicks out there. It’s about time you considered a more holistic approach to getting your space fully automated.

Here’s a list of “unselfish” Holiday Gift Ideas that Premium Digital Control can plan, design, install and program for you and your family and friends. It comes with After-Sales 24/7 Service Support. 

And remember, it’s not about accumulation of gadgets but knowing the purpose of each gadget you install and how they can work best for you. 

Happy Holidays! 

1. Build a Hollywood Theater Holiday Gift

How can you tell if your taste for home theater systems has changed and you think you’re ready for the ultimate moviegoing experience? If you’re like audio-visual purists, you will notice a couple of things – the uneven sound in the room; the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) is emitting whooshing noises, hums and buzzes; the sound coming from your speakers is tinny. Or you simply want to push the envelope. So do we. Get the best audio-visual theater system money can buy.

Projector/screen combo and TVs. If you have space, go for the Sony VPL-VW5000ES projector. The world’s most advanced 4K projector designed specifically for home theater use has 5,000 lumens of brightness and HDR compatibility. 

Go for a 16:9 screen projector or a 2.35:1 screen sans black bars; take note that if you have floor-to-ceiling windows against the blaring sunlight of South Florida, you’ll need blackout curtains. No room? Get the 85-inch-plus OLED TV brands from Sony or Samsung; they emit light that allows the screen to have a deep black level and strong contrast; they’re a level up from LED/LCD TVs, for sure.

Audio. We recommend 5.1 channels in your surround speaker system -- 5 to mean front left, center, front right, rear right, and rear left positions; the remaining 1 is the subwoofer. You can also go for a 7.1 channel speaker system, or go for multiple subwoofers from JBL. For total immersion, there are object-based audio formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, and go for Definitive Technology for home theater and for outdoors, we recommend Coastal Source outdoor speakers. 

For renters, you can go wireless with Triad or Savant soundbars and subwoofers. Consider Sonos if you’re looking to save money.

Players and streamers. 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players can output high audio formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio, both multi-channel, lossless audio codec. It’s perfect for a cinephile. For video-on-demand options, streaming players such as Apple TV 4K, Amazon Fire and Roku Ultra will be sufficient. Gamers can choose from PlayStation 5 or Xbox.

Smart lighting. It’s not like you need a lot of lighting in a theater room. Just have some strategic dimmers that you can control just as your movie is about to start. Have some smart lighting from Ketra, Lutron or Savant installed. These lights allow you to change the colors of your theater depending on your mood.

Customized remote control – and ultimate control. Released in October, Control4’s latest Halo remote is not your average remote. It can control audio and video equipment, along with lights, music, temperature, shades, and more, using voice. Creston also has advanced remote system controllers that trained integrators can set up for you. As control hubs, choose from either of two brands or other systems for you to manage your theater from a mobile device.

Final thoughts: The sound from your space should not leak out but still see everything inside of it from your mobile device or remote. 

Premium Digital Control can do all these integrations for you. Simply call us at Simply call us at (954) 637-1361 or email

2. The Personal Oasis Holiday Gift

Technology has changed the concept of smart technology wellness.  It may be a luxury for some, essential for others, practical and healthy for many. Still, others think the technology is there for health and wellness. For Premium Digital, it’s a category that can easily be integrated into a system – and people’s lives, whether that is for their personal space or their business. They just have to ask how they can work best for their needs.

Which products are considered wellness technology? For now, wellness can mean a lot of different things. Depending on who you’re talking to, it can be mindfulness therapy, health checkups or aging monitors – or a personal oasis that couples can experience. With usage up by 33%, the future of smart technology wellness is there.

Premium Digital Control covers the bases for smart lighting from Ketra and Lutron when you need to enhance your mood, concentration and energy levels. Installing smart lights can certainly improve sleep regimens or regulate hormone levels.

Another way to promote restorative sleep is having our team install and program Lutron’s automated shades to work with your body’s circadian rhythm, while allowing natural light into your space at certain times of the day. We can have automated blackout curtains ready to reduce light pollution in your space, complement it with natural sounds that lull you to sleep and have your room temperature-controlled rooms as the night wears on. If your windows even open to show nature, that could even set the mood for you to reduce your blood pressure or heart rate.

Our team can help you integrate the right devices if you’re focused on transforming your space into your personal oasis – an oasis that can sync a host of smart technology devices, some of which will need to be requested for our technicians to install them. ‍ These include health monitoring systems that perform a multitude of tasks such as taking daily temperature and keeping track of remote therapy appointments.

Some of these products have standalone functionalities, but they’ll play an even better role for you when they are integrated to work with your smart technology system and your wellness goals. Simply call us at (954) 637-1361. After the holidays, you’re going to need to recover from all the festivities with a personal oasis for you and your family. 

3. Premium Network Update for a Holiday Gift

The holidays mean family reunions and more people coming over and spending time with you. This means more people using your internet which can affect your smart technology system. It’s like the traffic. The more cars in the lanes, the slower the highway moves. Solution: Have your own dedicated fast lane, so you can just zip by.

Get our Premium Network Update, so you can experience an efficient smart system in your fast lane – the Premium lane. When the internet first started, we only used to browse the web but as you’ve noticed, you’re using it for more than just that. 

Building an efficient smart space requires more than just an average network connection. You need both high-speed internet and high bandwidth performance. 

When do you really need a Premium Network Update? When you’re doing the following:

  • Streaming Movies
  • Internet Surfing
  • Facetime Calls
  • Video Games
  • File Sharing File
  • Downloading
  • Video Doorbells
  • Smart Locks
  • Smart TVs
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Wireless Speakers
  • Motorized Blinds & Shades

Experience an efficient smart system as if you were driving in the fast lane – with no one else in sight. Get into the fast lane with Premium today at (954) 637-1361 or email us at

4. The Outdoor Holiday Gift

This holiday season, the cooler breeze makes outdoor activities in South Florida more enjoyable. Improve the appeal of your room’s exteriors this holiday season with landscape lighting and good audio speakers. Also include your front yard or better yet, your front door locks while you’re at it for your peace of mind. You’re going to get several packages delivered to you. For that, you need surveillance cameras, too.

Make your outdoor parties come alive. Coastal Source offers solid brass products that are fully sealed against the elements for an unmatched level of durability. It can weather the elements in South Florida’s persistent hot and humid temperatures. Premium Digital Control & Automation is an authorized dealer-installer of Coastal Source.

Incorporate Coastal Source’s fixtures into your Lutron lighting control and other indoor lighting systems if you like to control lights inside and outside of your space. 

If you don't know what type of lighting you need in your yard, look into these various options: accenting, for uplighting or downlighting techniques; Bollard lights for the 360-degree lighting source at the top; downlighting with lighting cast downwards over a large area. Low voltage lights are energy-efficient and cost-effective, while path lights are the most common landscape lighting system with their low-sitting downward facing lights in many different sizes, styles and finishes. Speciality lights are unique and decorative with low-voltage lighting applications. These and more outdoor lights can add more drama to your space.‍ Contact Premium Digital Control at (954) 637-1361 or email us at

5. The Room Makeover Holiday Gift 

You started with smart technology via a voice assistant but now you want to have more controls. You’ve come to the right holiday gift guide. Imagine being able to control your lighting, thermostat, window treatments and more in any space, whether they are for your personal space or commercial establishment. 

Smart lighting. It’s tempting to just get a smart bulb and be done with it. But it’s not like you will only need to use the smart bulb in part of your living room, you can have it anywhere around your living room or in your entire space. A centralized energy-saving LED lighting system has endless possibilities. When you need precision, you can choose to have accent lights, wall wash, general lighting or directional lighting. You can control them even when you’re not in your place, through your smartphone.

Programmable thermostat. It can save you money as you schedule run times for cooling and heating automatically – and consistently. In-wall touch panels are multipurpose and customizable. You can have the basic thermostats or get the advanced models that allow you to integrate all of your smart home devices together.

Automated window treatments or motorized blinds protect your furniture and furnishings from discoloration from the South Florida sun. They can prevent accidental suffocation of children and pets, as they are mostly cordless. You can add security or set privacy when you set them automatically to open and close during certain times of the day even when you’re not at home. 

Your living room can be your home theater. Wired or wireless, it’s easier than ever to make your living room be your home theater as well. Depending on the space of your living room, you can have an 80-inch TV to go with your speakers, wired or wireless, for an immersive moviegoing experience. Since your guests will naturally gravitate toward your living room, having the right theater system is key.  Smart TVs provide more than just TV programs, movies and music. Sony and Samsung OLED TVs are highly recommended. 

Surveillance cameras and CCTV. Living rooms almost always extend to the backyard these days, so having cameras and CCTV for both your indoor and outdoor living areas are ideal. Get cameras that can do any or all of the following: pan, tilt, zoom, and even withstand rain while also detecting motion or potential threats. Set custom push notifications or alerts when a package arrives at your doorstep. 

Have your holiday gift-giving spree be more long-lasting

From personal spaces to hotels and restaurants, Premium Digital Control can offer you a plan and design that encompasses smart lighting (for energy efficiency, mood setting), automated window treatments (for protection of furnishings) in a wide variety of styles, finishes and fabrics; a climate control system, balanced audio-video sound when needed for your living room party or big public event and structured cabling so you don’t see any wires. Saving energy bills from 30% to 60% can be a big deal, especially if your space requires energy-saving strategies, such as hotels and commercial establishments where you get a lot of foot traffic.

How would you like your room, personal space or business to have all these smart technologies integrated and working on your devices? We can guide you in fulfilling your vision for your space. Please call us at (954) 637 1361 or email us at, so we can customize your vision for you or your loved ones. Make your holiday gift-giving spree long-lasting with smart technology.

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