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How the Right Video Conference Solutions Can Extend Business Deals

Dennis Clemente
February 23, 2023

Hold video conference calls before and after the big event.

MIAMI–An estimated audience of 16,000 will be converging at eMergeAmericas, the host of the premiere technology startup conference event on April 20-21 this year in the city. That’s a lot of people who will only have two days to network. It’s not enough time. Many of them will need to reconnect and use more than a Zoom call to close deals.

These attendees, many of whom will be coming from both the private sector and high levels of government, will need to interact with the best video conference solutions out there. Fortunately, speakers and attendees have the best video conference options to help them extend their business deals. Crestron offers many types of enterprise presentation and video conference solutions.

When it comes to meeting spaces, Crestron Mercury enables people to work together, regardless of location or web collaboration application – a platform-agnostic collaboration or BYOC (bring your own codec) system. You can use it with any phone, web conferencing or UC application to collaborate right from your laptop. This means that whoever is using Skype, Webex, Zoom or another software can still be on the same video conference call. 

Sound and video quality are good even in open spaces

What’s amazing about Crestron Mercury is the high quality of the output of the microphone and speaker. This is impressive because one has to factor in open spaces, glass walls, metallic surfaces, and high ceilings that are only too common in modern building and office designs.

With Crestron Mercury, the quality of the microphone and speaker will still make any call sound like everyone is in the same room, even if you are using a phone and even if you are away from your laptop. Watch this video on how to use Crestron Mercury.

Crestron Mercury offers full open SIP conference phone; room scheduling; Bluetooth audio pairs with mobile phones; high visibility mute indicator, and support for any collaboration application.

It also has built-in AirMedia for wireless presentation; the high microphone and speaker quality as mentioned; enterprise provisioning and management; onscreen room availability and meeting details as well as a built-in occupancy sensor for usage data and automation.

How to use a schedule panel

Scheduling is a cinch with Microsoft Exchange or Crestron Fusion. The built-in graphics engine generates an onscreen display of the room calendar.

For those looking for more features, Crestron’s new DMPS3-4K-350 and DMPS3-4K-250 feature built-in AirMEdia wireless presentation, three independent LAN ports (network, control subnet, and content), a powerful 50W amplifier and onscreen display. 

Crestron's Digital Media solutions

If you’re looking for digital media solutions, Crestron’s DM products provide digital signage, video walls, active and distance learning, and eSports with a wide range of connectivity options to distribute AV and control signals. Incidentally, football legend Tom Brady is the keynote speaker at the eMergeAmericas event and having him on a big video wall for the event will certainly make him look like he’s back in the Big Game again.

If any of your colleagues scheduled the same contact, use Crestron’s Flex Scheduling to make sure you’re not double booking. This is more for internal use when you need to make sure spaces or conference rooms are available. Crestron has an array of scheduling panels to choose from with RFID badge scanners, availability indicators and occupancy sensors.

This may all be quite technical, so if you’re looking for someone to set it up for you and make sure you connect with all the important people you met at eMergeAmericas, Premium Digital Control & Automation can easily do this as it has done so for various offices, schools,and other commercial establishments. 

Premium Digital Control's work at Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce
Premium Digital Control’s work 

For its Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce project, Premium Digital Control Premium Digital Control installed an in-ceiling microphone system to capture and output high quality audio all throughout the conference room. 

With directional mics, the speakers did not need to have a personal microphone on to speak. For attendees, the space was custom-made for efficient call-ins. 

Premium Digital Control also made sure speakers are displayed clearly on the projector, setting the tone for a more focused meeting and talk. 

Beyond presentation solutions, South Florida’s top integrator also provided a smart lighting system and automated window treatments, to name a few of its smart technology offerings.


Making it a memorable event

Attendees at the eMerge Americas have the opportunity to make this event a memorable and efficient one if they follow through with the people they meet and Premium Digital Control can help them set up solutions for teams to call, present, collaborate securely on the cloud. 

At the event, Premium Digital Control can help these eMergeAmericas attendees report back to their colleagues and superiors about the event they’re attending. Or even better, reach out to speakers and exhibitors now before the event so you can get more things done.

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