Turnberry Ocean Club

Turnkey smart residence is built to scale

Turnberry Ocean Club

Turnkey smart residence is built to scale 


The main system, Control4, was integrated with Lutron’s QSX muscular processor for expanded connectivity and reliability. The Lutron seeTouch keypad with backlighting allows users to operate the centralized lights, shades, thermostats and more. For the audio-video install, a plethora of in-ceiling and in-wall speakers were added. All lighting keypads were programmed with an on/off/dim setting. 

The homeowner experiences automated events during the day tailored to their lifestyle with no human interaction. The shades open at sunrise in the common areas on the west side of the residence, and have the audio system play a specific music genre in the kitchen and family room at a pre-set volume level.

Also, from sunrise to midday, lights turn on in the common areas at a pre-set schedule and change light levels throughout the day based on custom programming and conditionals.

This location is one of the 54-story luxurious residences located on a stretch of pristine beachfront in Sunny Isles Beach in Florida. 

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The team buckled down to work on the technical details.

Lutron: The centralized lighting control system power calculation was designed based on the lighting designer’s fixture selection and fixture quantities. This information gave Premium Digital Control the necessary power/wattage consumption needed to select the correct dimming modules and lighting load zoning for proper power consumption.

Equipment room: The equipment room power calculation was based on the rack design with the equipment selected for the audio distribution network control system and sources. Based on the equipment selected, Premium Digital Control created the correct power/BTU requirements for the equipment room and provided all the technical details to the electrical and mechanical contractors for dedicated circuits and cooling supply necessary in the equipment room.

Audio-video installation: The residence’s audio system features Audio Control’s 8-zone amplifier; Triad’s 8-zone pre-amplifier and Episode’s signature in-ceiling speakers for robust amplification for the whole home with Control4 control. For video distribution, Premium Digital Control relied on local video sources as all components were housed in the TV in a wall box. 

Integration control: Control4 is the main system and is integrated with Lutron’s QSX muscular processor. From a simple press on a Lutron seeTouch keypad with backlighting, multiple macros can be initiated, allowing users to operate the centralizing lights, shades, thermostats and more.

Networking: To allow for fast seamless connection and strong networking signal to use all the best that a home automation system can offer, Premium Digital Control chose Araknis as a core network system.

Intercom system: An intercom system was built into the Control4 framework utilizing Control4’s video doorbell and Control4’s latest 10-inch touchscreens in the high-rise condo’s elevator vestibule for security. The intercom system made it easy to screen visitors, and answer the door remotely. The intercom system could also be used for phones and other mobile devices. 

Smart lighting: As requested, all lighting keypads were programmed with an on/off/dim setting. The client was delighted to learn how they could easily operate and deliver HCL (human-centric lighting) experience.

The centralized lighting control by Lutron has centralized din panels and architectural SeeTouch keypads; shades are accessible using a Control4 app; lighting design was already provided

Shade design: The shade design implemented for this project was inspired by the architectural design of the unit with dual shade treatments (sheers and blackout) in the bedroom and single treatment sheers in the common areas.

Shade control by Lutron using low-voltage panellized power and communication integrated into the Lutron keypads and Control4 system; shades are accessible by Control4 app. Thermostats are also controlled by Control4 systems natively.

HVAC control: Thermostats are controlled by Control4 systems natively

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