Vinos Wine Bar

Multi-room audio system with app to control from anywhere

Vinos Wine Bar

Multi-room audio system with app to control from anywhere


Premium installed four speakers in the back and front, respectively on top of reinforced ceiling tiles made of perfectly cut round wood reinforcement and metal bracketing in order to provide secure support to the 8-zone matrix switcher/amplifier audio system. Doing this enhanced the overall audio sound and eliminated the bouncing of sound throughout the ceiling.

The music-only distribution plays separately or simultaneously throughout the 7 rooms with the Control4 EA3 controller (and companion equipment including an eight-port switch) which also leaves room for the owner to upgrade later. WAP (Wireless Access Points) was added for robust Wi-Fi coverage, while a Wattbox was integrated for surge protection.

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Automated integrations

  • Audio System
  • Enhanced Wi-Fi
  • Network Security
  • Structured Cabling

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