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Give your guests a great first impression when they come to your hotel or restaurant. Exceed their expectations with smart technology that thrills them and helps you operate your business more efficiently. You could save up to 30% on energy bills in busy areas or as much as 60% when layering energy-saving strategies in meeting rooms and back areas.

Our clients in the hotel, restaurant and hospitality sectors enjoy the following:

So whether you’re in pre-construction or retrofit mode in the food and beverage, travel and tourism, recreation or hotel accommodation sectors, hospitality automation exists to both entertain and create efficiencies, especially in the able hands of our fully certified technicians. Our specialists can integrate Crestron, Control4 and Lutron as well as Ketra, Somfy, and other subsystems for your guests' peace of mind, comfort and entertainment. 

Let us help you transform your hotel or restaurant as we have for the following establishments. You deserve a five-star, concierge-level, one-stop shop smart home service for your hospitality business

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A few key benefits


Energy savings in common areas


Energy savings for private areas


We offer 24/7 support to our customers looking to have routine maintance.


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Room by room

Lobbies & Public Spaces

Make a great first impression in your lobbies. Use flexible, integrated lighting and shade control with Lutron’s Quantum Vue software for centralized control or other systems such as Control4 and Crestron, with the latter also optimized for your existing infrastructure. Create automated, preset scenes for different occasions and times with a flexible setup. Overall, improve staff productivity and help create the ideal guest experience.

Hotel lobby

Restaurants & Lounges

Give your guests a memorable dining experience. From breakfast to dinner, preparation time to cleanup, deliver a stress-free lighting atmosphere. Also, get an automatic shade control (with manual override) to guarantee a glare-free dining experience. Crestron features unparalleled scalability and optimization for existing infrastructure.


Ballroom lighting needs customization, from wedding receptions and fundraisers to classroom setups. For partition controls, create the perfect atmosphere for single events, or deliver a serene environment in the ballroom area. With Lutron’s Quantum Vue software, facilitate real-time, in-space adjustment and monitoring from any smart device.

Conference, presentation systems & meeting rooms 

Create scenes for meetings, A/V presentations, teleconferences and luncheons. Make it easy for your team to create and recall room scenes—or automatically control lights, shades, and temperature from a mobile device or keypad, just like what we did for the Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce

Setup and recall standard scenes 
Seamless A/V and shade integration deliver a productive environment. Customized control settings can meet every user's needs. Conference hosts can have full control over the lighting, shades, temperature, and audio volume through a touch screen interface. 

Guest Rooms & Suites
Create a comfortable, energy-saving environment for your guests. 

Energy savings 
Control lights, shades, and temperature to automatically reduce energy use. Improved guest experience. Simple-to-use, intuitive controls create a comfortable, familiar environment. Shade controls offer privacy and light control—pull-to-start shades provide familiar operation for any guest. 

Improved operations
With cost-effective and energy-efficient technologies such as occupancy sensors and room scheduling software, the lighting and AV systems can beset to automatically shut down when an event is over and the room is empty. You can be sure that no projector lamps are left on overnight and any system troubles can be remotely solved.

Luxury Penthouse, Rooms

For your more discerning guests, we can give you the power to scale and elevate your guest’s experience, plus the capability to get 24/7 support. Create an energy-saving environment for your guests’ space. Control lights, shades, and temperature to automatically reduce energy use. 

You can also offer an improved guest experience with simple-to-use, intuitive controls that create a comfortable, familiar environment. Shade controls like Somfy’s offer privacy and light control.

View other projects to get more inspiration and ideas for your own concept of a luxury space. We have automated units at the Regalia, Ritz Carlton, Turnberry Ocean Club and many more.


Back Space

Energy savings 
Lighting in many back or common spaces such as restrooms, hallways, and storage areas does not always have to be on. Save energy automatically with occupancy sensors and scalable systems.
Safety and security
Ensure the right lighting for safety and security, without wasting energy when a space is unoccupied.
Great balance
Transform the guest experience – automated shades and shading control solutions provide the perfect balance of daylight and electric light from the hotel lobby to your guest rooms. 


Get inspired

Software controls

Facility management software

Guest room management software

Room dashboard 

Monitor and adjust a single room or area efficiently. Control and monitor lights, shades and HVAC in the room. Review energy and alerts in the room for troubleshooting and maintenance, or review current room status and enable/disable room automation.

Room dashboard

Monitor and adjust a single room or area efficiently. Control and monitor lights, shades and HVAC in the room. Review energy and alerts in the room for troubleshooting and maintenance, or review current room status and enable/disable room automation.

Optimized building real estate usage 

Use occupancy sensor data (historic and live) to provide reports on space utilization for the entire building or for a particular area. Improve maintenance crew efficiency and make better-informed decisions on repurposing underutilized spaces.

Floor plan navigation 

Easily navigate through a visual floorplan of the building. Quickly manage multiple areas, troubleshoot issues, and monitor building performance from anywhere.

• Pan-and-zoom feature dynamically adjusts the details presented based on zoom level
• View alerts, lighting status, occupancy, or current energy usage

Time-based control of facility lighting

Lights can automatically be set to a preset level or to turn on/off based on the time of day.  Shades can automatically raise or lower in certain spaces at specific times.

HVAC control 

Easily view and adjust the current status of HVAC/thermostat settings. 

• Control the thermostat settings and adjust set backs based on guest room status. 
• View current and historical HVAC performance for troubleshooting.

Choose by brand

Centralized management systems

Its Enterprise Management System delivers full control and management of all the technologies in your facility all the way to your laptop, mobile device, or any touch screen device in the system. When your staff step out of the building, they can troubleshoot any system straight from their smartphone.

Crestron can help you choose the EMS that is ideal for your enterprise while also customizing and programming it to your needs. Choose the ideal combination of light, shade and temperature control solutions, and specify with confidence. 

Choose the ideal combination of light, shade and temperature control solutions, and specify with confidence with these Lutron products: 

Quantum Total Light Management Systems 
This networked lighting control system powers more advanced building operations – with the capability to control more than 10,000 devices. This powerhouse provides lighting and shade control, advanced programming, and energy management from a single platform.

Operational visibility with Quantum Vue
The system’s building management dashboard—Quantum Vue—provides both global control capabilities and advanced analytics to inform better energy savings, higher space utilization, easier maintenance scheduling, and smarter building use decisions. From any computer or tablet, get access occupancy and energy reports, customize alerts, update schedules, and more.

Vive simple, scalable wireless lighting control
For simple retrofit and new construction, Vive is easy to install and setup, and lets you control, monitor, and adjust light levels from anywhere using your smart device. 

Preset, multi-zone control ensures one-touch scene recall of lights and shades for meeting rooms, conference rooms, restaurants and public areas. 

myRoom guest room systems
Family of guest room systems for light, temperature, and shade control that can be tailored to specific performance and budget requirements. 

Residential control solutions
Caséta Wireless, RadioRA 2, and HomeWorks QS systems can create the perfect home environment.


Your design options: colors, finishes, styles, and fabrics

Controls and keypads 
Choose from a range of styles and accessories from Control4, Crestron, Ketra, Lutron, Savant

Colors and finishes 
Select from an assortment of colors and finishes

Shades and fabrics 
Hundreds of options from Crestron, Lutron and Somfy

Robust customization
Create custom controls from Control4, Crestron, Lutron, Savant and Somfy

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