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Enjoy the most luxurious experience in yachting with smart technology – just the way they are installed anywhere these days. Watch one of our most popular videos to give you an idea how you can turn your yacht into the smartest one on the pier.

Customize your yacht smart system


Fort Lauderdale's yachts rely on us

Fort Lauderdale, the yachting capital of the world, relies on us for smart technology integrations for their yacht.  Our experts lets you select your favorite brands such as Crestron or Control4. We offer a truly impressive level of quality and system that can be optimized to scale and work on mobile devices.  And whether you own a small yacht or a superyacht, we can work with you on various smart technology projects. We can work with electrical contractors and others involved, and can even coordinate with the captain and crew if they are the one in charge of a yacht.  We make our clients enjoy the most luxurious yachting experience with smart technology. Your yacht will be easy to use, efficient, and entertaining:

  • Top audio-visual entertainment system
  • High-grade automated window treatments
  • Secure door locks
  • Solid HVAC systems
  • Reliable smart lighting systems
  • All-round surveillance cameras, even one mounted on the bow pulpit to help with maneuvering/docking in crowded harbors
  • Reliable smart lighting systems
  • Structured wiring for easy monitoring system integrations

Customized yacht controls

  • Remotely control lights and heating or air conditioning to turn on shortly before arrival, ensuring everything on the vessel is set to preference yet reducing energy consumption
  • Automate exterior running lights to allow the crew to move around safely
  • Adjust the thermostat to ensure appropriate interior cabin temperatures• Provide GPS and navigation data through the TV or touch screens so owners and onboard guests know the current location of the vessel and anticipated arrival
  • Trigger lights to automatically turn on, off or dim, based on detected light levels or specific times of the day
  • Open and close blinds, according to when the sun sets or the skies become cloudy to allow for optimum levels of natural light
  • Centralize audio and video collections from multiple sources and allow selection of music or movies by cover art from a single library from any room on the vessel.

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