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Premium Digital and Control4 work together in integrating your favorite devices for automation using Control4 systems. You’ll be in good company. Control4 is found in 475,000 homes and connected to more than 15 million devices.

Contact us today for an in-house consultation with our smart technology technicians who can provide you with a customized solution that involves planning, drawing, installation, programming, and demonstration.

How Control4 simplifies your life

Consolidates your smart technology into one interface, syncing your favorite technology brands and devices to work together
Connects you to control your entire space, from anywhere
Performs the whole-space automation scenes you create
Alerts you with custom notifications
Offers secure touchscreen, remote, keypad, voice, and app remote access via Control4 4Sight to your space

Service installation

Smart Door Locks
Music Apps
Garage Doors
Gate Access and Monitoring
Blinds and Shades
Pet Doors
Voice Command Devices
Smart Kitchen Appliances
TVs and Speakers
Floor Heating Systems
Smart Washers and Dryers
Pools and Spas
Sprinkler Sysems
Surveillance Cameras
Plumbing and Fauces
IoT Devices
Thermostats and HVAC

We integrate to your needs

Control4 app on TV screenSmart tech customization of wine bar

As an authorized dealer and installer of Control4, you can expect a personalized and unified smart technology system with Premium Digital Control's installation of Control4's state-of-the-art operating system (OS), along with its products. The OS is easy to use but it requires professional installation to connect its OS (operating system) to third-party brands and multiple devices. We connect them to different types of technology for your different spaces – and devices, so you can experience its power even with one easy-to-use smart app.

How Control4 works in different spaces

What’s your favorite brand or device? You like controlling your music apps? If you’re concerned with security, you must be thinking of automating door locks. Don’t worry. Compared to other smart technology systems, Control4’s OS is an open platform.

Any of the smart products and services you already own and love are compatible with Control4 products. You simply connect it.

Keep those brands and devices you own and simply connect them together via Control4. When you connect a single smart device into a Control4 system, that device can suddenly connect and work on different types of devices.

What customers like about Control4


Using Control4 for security

Arm/disarm the entire security system via the mobile appHave blinds automatically close and open when someone arrives in your space

Receive a notification as soon as each child enters their unique code to unlock the front door

Receive alerts when a door or window is opened

Set lights to automatically turn on at dusk

Set a scene so all lights in the house turn on when the alarm is triggered
MUSIC & entertainment

Using Control4 for music, theater system

Integrate your TVs, speakers, and other entertainment devices to your Control4 automation system


Using Control4 for lighting

Good lighting and dimmable bulbs are simple lighting fixes. For smart lighting, connect it to the Smart OS through a programmable smart switch. It provides energy efficiency, added safety and security, and multiple custom lighting scenes, and it can control more than just your lights.

Control4 offers an elegant line of smart lighting products for your entire space. You can even start with one room and add more smart lighting over time to your existing system.

Voice assistant

Using Control4 with your voice

With Control4 and your favorite voice control devices connected together, you can tell your house what to do.

Smart appliances

Using Control4 with your smart appliances

Be creative with your automation. Connect smart and automated household appliances with Control4 and reap the full benefits of a simple automated life.

Systems rack

Commercial projects

Our Premium Digital experts also work on various commercial projects that ultimately create an exceptional ecosystem for clients looking to improve business efficiencies. Outstanding technical support is vital when it comes to providing unparalleled personalization and an exceptional ecosystem.


Automate for better operations

Control lights, temperature, audio/video, teleconferencing, security cameras, and HVAC systems to make your business more effective, automatically using Control4. 

Even the smallest Control4 commercial projects deliver a big bottom-line impact. We at Premium Digital Control can easily integrate Control4 solutions with your existing business infrastructure and enable communication between devices.

clinics & HOSPITALS

How automation can transform your healthcare facility

Provide a better customer experience while improving efficiencies in the office, saving energy, streamlining communications and controlling sensitive security areas. Automation is transformative:


How to make your restaurant popular not just for the food

Create the perfect atmosphere in every part of your restaurant with mood lighting and music. Control every TV from one location so your customers never miss the big play. 

complete CONTROL 

Access your automated
system using your favorite devices


Phone Application




In-Wall Touchscreen





Voice assistant



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