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Crestron has a solution for every space

As an authorized dealer, we are widely recognized for integrating smart technology systems using Crestron’s diverse range of integrated solutions for all types of spaces, on both a personal and enterprise level.

crestron app

Get a better experience

The Crestron app is one of the smoothest and most intuitive smart home apps you’ll ever use. Which is why is even offices use it to improve office efficiencies.

We can easily configure the in-room experience for you. And regardless of how you system is set up, or which Crestron control system you choose to use, we can deliver Crestron in a consistent way -- from any mobile device for conference rooms, huddle spaces, and other shared spaces.

perfect for WORKPLACEs & classroom lectures

Camera that follows the leader and all participants

Have a more intuitive meeting experience with a voice-activated switching camera that ensures smooth intercutting between speakers. It's called the Crestron Intelligent Video system or the IV-CAMA2-20-N-SLVR-1B. Watch the video demo.

Ideal for lecture capture or conferences, the camera makes it possible to automate camera operations with no personnel and still have the viewing experience of a manned camera. You can also choose to work every room and participant with Crestron’s DM-NVX-E760.


Make your office smarter

We install systems using Crestron’s AirMedia Presentation Adaptor for clear 4K video, Wi-Fi 6 connectivity, as well as Dual LAN port to support guest network for untethered presentations. 

We offer a range of Crestron Flex Scheduling options to assist your workflow – from scheduling panels, availability indicators, RFID badge scanner and occupancy sensors. Integrate room schedulers for offices and growing co-working spaces in Miami to boost productivity.


Get a distributed lighting system to control usage

We work with wired or wireless Crestron Zum, a distributed lighting control system that uses industry standards, such as 0-10V, DALI®, DMX and phase control.  We can add up the number of zones you need for a space, put the sensors and keypads in and you’re all set!

All Zum spaces can be integrated onto an enterprise IoT network, Zum Net. If you like stylish residential lighting keypads, we can install Crestron’s Cameo keypads. They are available in a wide variety of button configurations and finishes to suit your specific needs.

Cameo Flush Mount Keypads' faceplaters are engineered from solid metal. White and paintable primer finishes are also offered. For LED light fixtures, choose fixtures such as adjustable, wall wash, fixed frame, pinhole fixtures, multiple enclosure possibilities, and square or round trims.

Also, we can install Crestron load controllers that put a cap on how much electrical usage you can use for your space at one point. Ceiling, wall and outdoor sensors provide presence-sensing coverage that reduce the number of sensors required in a space. It’s also good to know that you can get in-room automation and room usage data to Zūm Cloud services.

climate control

Get absolute thermostat control with proximity sensor

We install Horizon thermostats as part of Crestron’s offerings. Combined with a Crestron Home app, you can have absolute intuitive control of its bright high-resolution touch screen and built-in proximity sensor. It eliminates the need to swipe or touch to wake it up. No batteries required.

Almost flush with the wall, they are elegant slim designs available in black, white or almond finishes. Choose from more than 40 keypads and touchscreens.
Have all system devices communicate with each other – from a standard backbox installation, a stick battery-powered keypad anywhere. If you like monitoring your usage, collect room usage data to save energy and eliminate over-specification and unnecessary programming inherent in other systems.


Built to perform

Premium Digital can build you a seamless audio integration of Crestron's performance speakers and pair it with its DM NAX Audio-over-IP distribution system to deliver outstanding service. 

With its flexibility, scalability, and interoperability, Premium Digital Control can hand you the controls of your audio environment, allowing you to toggle between TV audio, streaming music, podcasts, alarms, doorbells, and even paging and intercom usage to any speaker in the house.

Built natively for the Crestron Home platform and for seamless integration of custom systems, Premium Digital Control offers its full selection of performance speakers that pair with its DM NAX Audio-over-IP distribution system to deliver outstanding service. 

With its flexibility, scalability, and interoperability, Premium Digital Control can hand you the controls of your audio environment, allowing you to toggle between TV audio, streaming music, podcasts, alarms, doorbells, and even paging and intercom usage to any speaker in the house.

The DM NAX 4-Zone Streaming Pre-Amplifier is interoperable with AES67, and Dante audio networking, for your personal space. It uses hardwired connections, and requires no custom network architecture or hardware, which allows it to seamlessly connect to existing amplifiers in retrofit jobs or new builds. Beyond commercial use, we can set up Crestron’s residential speakers to produce high-quality sound for audiophiles.

how to create shading scenes

Experience Crestron's shading solutions

Motorized window treatments

Choose from extensive collection



Feel better emotionally and physically. Working in sync with its LED light fixtures, Crestron automated shades can be set to reveal your views outside and allow natural light into your space throughout the day.Wireless shade motors are perfect for remodeling or simply to upgrade manual shades, because they are easy to control using keypads, remotes, and other mobile devices. Premium Digital Control can install virtually silent motorized shades using Crestron’s Digital Quiet Motor Technology. Designers fabrics for horizontal sheers, roman and roller shades, and drapery systems, are available. Color is also customizable with Crestron’s exclusive service which entails matching a client’s roller shade fabric to a Pantone color color or physical sample. 


Crestron Roller Shades

Available in widths up to 15 feet, Crestron Roller Shades are ideal for a flat clean look or combined with decorative drapes. Clean flat shading solution in transparent, translucent or blackout fabrics

Fit any window up to 15 feet wideDual shades provide a beautiful view or blackout at the touch of a buttonCurtain walls: couple up to six shades as a single group with one Crestron QMT motor


Crestron Horizontal Sheers
Elegant Crestron shading solutions feature horizontal fabric vanes floating between two layers of sheer, knitted fabric and silent operation.


Crestron Roman Shades
The daring look of Roman shades serve more than just the functional purpose of reducing or blocking out sunlight. They offer quiet, one-touch control from a wall-mounted interactive keypad, touch screen or your favorite Apple or or Android device.


Crestron Drapery Systems

A more dramatic touch to your decor, choose Pinch Pleat or Ripplefold styles on straight or curved tracks using Crestron drapery motors. Custom bends are also available. Draperies add a soft, graceful touch to your décor. Crestron Drapery Track Systems provide elegant and convenient operation. 


Control Pinch Pleat or Ripplefold styles on straight or curved tracks using Crestron drapery motors.

Track styles and draws are available for almost any application or room shape

Straight track configurations are left draw, right draw, center draw, asymmetric, tandem (two track) and dual track

Crestron offers several types of curved drapery tracks for spaces with special design requirements. Custom bends are also available

3 fabric types


Exteriors are seen through a fabric’s weave; openness factor of 3-10%

Exteriors are seen through a fabric’s weave; openness factor of 3-10%

Total blockage of views and prevent light leaks on the window jambs and sill

Immense benefits
All 3 options offer solar protection, privacy enhanced natural light filtration, reduced solar heat gain and environment-friendly:Certified Environmentally safeRecyclable/eco-friendlyMold and bacteria resistantPVC freeLead-freeFire retardant


How to use the Crestron app

Navigating your Crestron home app is simple – and it may just be the fastest dedicated smart home OS out there. On a homepage, such as the status of your home security system and door locks. It’s also where you can access Quick Actions, which are shortcuts.

They enable you to create a scene which is a combination of different commands with just one tap. With Home Controls, you can access a finer control of systems that affect your entire home such as security, door locks and climate.

Simply swipe up to see the controls available to you.On the button bar is the “Homebutton.” It appears on every page, so you can always navigate your way back.

The Rooms button gives you access to control all the different rooms and areas in your house and with a tap on the More button you’ll find information on your Crestron system and Crestron customer support. You will need a smart technology integrator to configure the device for you based on the system and subsystems installed in your property.

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