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We integrate your favorite devices and automate them to suit your lifestyle using Savant’s diverse range of personal, commercial, marine and hospitality automation solutions. Contact us today for a free consultation with our smart technology technicians.

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As a leading authorized dealer in South Florida, we at Premium Digital Control approach automation like Savant. We find out what you do during your day and downtime to provide you the ultimate personalized service and unmatched smart technology system.

HOW do you start your day?

Personalized automation for your day-to-day life

We customize your needs based on how you start and end your day.  This could be the moment you wake up with your motorized window treatments to the time your lights need to be turned off automatically or, the moment you need your A/C turned on automatically before you arrive, to the time your garage door opens and your high-fidelity music plays everywhere in your whole space.

Premium Digital Control can integrate various brands or the suite of Savant’s smart technology products – from its smart lighting and audio-visual experience to the climate control system, security with door locks and surveillance camera as well as its popular remote and app.

We embody Savant’s concept of perfecting comfort.  Get the five-star treatment in your own home.

smart lighting

Warm or cool, you've got full control

Warm or cool, select from millions of colors or pre-set whites that fit your circadian rhythm. While you’re at it, select also from four different Savant modes – Daylight Mode, Full Color Control, Tunable Whites, and Savant Scenes

We can help create Savant Scenes to turn lights on to the precise color temperature and intensity at any time of day – individually or by room -- or by pool.

A tap on a Lighting Icon can control all the lights in a room. If you can match incandescent, candlelight or sunlight for your smart lighting, select the type of Savant Ascend keypads that will complement your interior design or home furnishing.

smart keypads

Pick your finish lines

Choose architectural lighting with our selection of streamlined high-end lights designed to fit with any style or décor—including downlights, pendants, recessed lighting and extensive color control options.

door locks, cameras, etc

See all entry points

With security, comfort is not far behind. Savant sees all entry points – from front doors to side doors, garages, gates, and everything in between.

Savant’s Savant Entry provides security you can see and make sure you have access to, with the option to receive customizable notifications on nearly any device, from anywhere. 


Control your temp, even in your pool

3 climate modes 
In Heat or Cool mode, use sliders or arrows to set the temperature you wantIn Auto mode, use the sliders to set the proper temperature range

Tap the Calendar Icon to put your climate control system on a schedule

Energy monitoring & management
View and monitor energy usage trends, see real-time utility grade consumption data and activate pre-defined Energy modes.

Language support
Language localization is now available across all iOS devices. Speak in English, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish.

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Experience Savant entertainment

SAVANT Music, pro 9.4

Enjoy high-fidelity sound in your rooms

The redesigned Savant music app, Pro 9.4, features highly intuitive customizable dashboards that allow users to effortlessly control multiple streaming services, including Spotify Connect, Deezer, Pandora, Plex, Sirius XM, Tidal and Tune In

Personalize volume levels and access recently played content and favorites all on the home screen. Access the Savant Music Experience through the Savant Pro app. Add lighting, security, climate and energy offerings to create a completely unified control experience

Savant Music lets you enjoy high-fidelity content from your collection or stream personalized playlists to any room in the house, including the following:

Personalized music dashboard
Spotify Connect


We can connect video and audio from any source and make it stream across your network with lossless video quality. Savant's IP Audio systems distribute high quality audio over ethernet networks and are customized. Its audio solutions scale dramatically from a few rooms up to installations requiring a large number of rooms and speakers.
motorized window treatments

Get privacy, blockage or diffusion


Savant provides options to make your shades easy to control from your mobile device, a touch screen remote, in-wall keypads and touchscreens, or your voice

For shades, Savant has teamed up with industry-leading brands to provide you with hundreds of fabric choices to meet your shading needs. Choose from a wide variety of standard, deluxe or premier options. Savant also offers quick-ship options on select fabrics. 

Offers greater levels for privacy while still allowing sunlight into the room. 

Provides total light blockage and privacy in white, chalk, black, charcoal and pewter 

Diffuses light and provides a view even when the shades are closed. Unsightly wires and screws are concealed within Savant’s bracket system, eliminating the need for custom-built valances or unsightly fascia. A fascia system conceals the front and top of a roller shade which protects a window fabric from dust.  


Make your life
easy with Savant's Remote

Personalize your experience with Savant Pro Remote X2.

Use voice control via Siri when you activate the Savant Pro App for your choice of entertainment shows, smart lighting, climate control, automated blinds and more. 

Personalize for quick access
Build and save custom screen layouts. Set your favorite channels, favorite music and most used scenes. Make adjustments on the fly anytime, or add optional PIN protection to keep the perfect settings locked down.

3 colors
Select the color of your remote based on your interior design or home furnishing. The Savant Pro Remote X2 is offered in Space Gray, Jet Black and Rose Gold, made from an all-aluminum chassis, backlit buttons, and a 3.1-inch glass touchscreen.


Create your scenes


Create scenes with the Savant Pro App

The Savant Pro App allows you to create a personalized experience for your space. The screens you will most likely use with Savant are (see photo below): Now Playing; the Quick Controls; Scenes for creating and editing scenes (eg. Wake Up, Goodnight, Date Night and Dinner) and the Rooms View which displays every available service in each room. 

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