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My work with Premium Digital Control involved working on $80 million worth of projects at Ritz Carlton in Miami

Claudia Yances
Construction Planner-Interior Designer @GYBuildersAtelier

I interpret my clients’ desires and transform their homes, creating a beautiful, modern style that embodies elegance, functionality and harmony.

Dawn Causa
Interior Designer

We value partnerships that helps our clients

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Dawn Causa

“I start with a blank canvas and pull inspiration from the homeowner and the surrounding environment,” designer Dawn Causa says. “Then there’s my design role, where I interpret my clients’ desires and transform their homes, creating a beautiful, modern style that embodies elegance, functionality and harmony.

A lot of focus is given to what I call ‘thoughtful design,’ as each client’s lifestyle is different. In some cases, that requires me to consider things like environmental sensitivities, medical equipment, mobility and handicap accessibility.

By developing close relationships with her clients, Causa makes it easier to help those with very personal needs. She claims to have worked with paraplegic and neuropathic clients. “I truly care about people,” she says in Boca Mag. “I’m fortunate to be spreading joy through design. It’s a pretty amazing job having the chance to impact people’s lives in such an artistic and meaningful way.”

What they can do with a smart home and smart office integrator:

Project management is underrated in this business, which comes in handy when building a smart home or smart office. Having space planning and commercial design experience can play a huge factor when designing a smart home or office.

Claudia Yances has more than 15 years of experience in managing construction projects for high-end residential and commercial projects in South Florida. Her longevity in the business is evident in her work with us at Premium Digital Control & Automation through the years. In the process, she has built strong and close relationships with clients and trade partners which have become vital in our business. 

For instance, Claudia’s dedication and attention to detail was a key element to our recent smart home system integration work with her at a penthouse at the Ritz Carlton Residence in Sunny Isles, Florida. 

As a meticulous construction planner, Claudia implements the vision of the best architects and interior designers of South Florida such as Britto Charette, Rene Gonzalez Architect, Strang Design, and Touzet Studio. 

Fulfilling the vision of their environmental modernist work as well as their most luxurious projects from concept to completion has made her a strong asset in Premium Digital Control’s unwavering commitment to taking residential and commercial projects to the next level of home and workplace automation.

Specialty: Residential and commercial interior design, event planning

Carl Vasile and Joy Pahlavan work for their high-end residential, commercial and luxury real estate clients with astute attention to detail and unique masterful collaborations.

With more than 30 years of combined design industry experience in Palm Beach, New York and Atlanta, their approach is to make every design project reflect the individual tastes, personality and vision of their clients, always with a clear understanding and respect for their expectations and timelines.

From sprawling idyllic Palm Beach mansions to quaint cottages and corporate headquarters, their projects are diverse and in demand.

What they can do with a smart home and smart office integrator: A smart home integrator can set in motion customized home or commercial automation that also fits their aesthetic for custom made furniture and window treatments.

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“I start with a blank canvas and pull inspiration from the homeowner and the surrounding environment,” designer Dawn Causa says. “Then there’s my design role, where I interpret my clients’ desires and transform their homes, creating a beautiful, modern style that embodies elegance, functionality and harmony.

A lot of focus is given to what I call ‘thoughtful design,’ as each client’s lifestyle is different. In some cases, that requires me to consider things like environmental sensitivities, medical equipment, mobility and handicap accessibility.By developing close relationships with her clients, Causa makes it easier to help those with very personal needs. She claims to have worked with paraplegic and neuropathic clients.

“I truly care about people,” she says in Boca Mag. “I’m fortunate to be spreading joy through design. It’s a pretty amazing job having the chance to impact people’s lives in such an artistic and meaningful way.”

How she can work with a smart home and smart office integrator

Project management is underrated in this business, which comes in handy when building a smart home or smart office. Having space planning and commercial design experience can play a huge factor when designing a smart home or office.


Renovations, additions, remodels, turnkey and commerical common areas
Services provided

Art Selection, Bathroom Design, Custom Blinds & Shades, Custom Built-ins, Custom Cabinets, Custom Furniture, Custom Kitchen Cabinets, Custom Rugs, Floor Plans, Furniture Selection, Interior Design, Space Planning
Areas served

Coral Ridge, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Ft Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Plantation, Sea Ranch Lakes, Miami, Palm Beach, Weston, Sunny Isles, South Beach
Areas served

Coral Ridge, Davie, Fort Lauderdale, Ft Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Plantation, Sea Ranch Lakes, Miami, Palm Beach, Weston, Sunny Isles, South Beach

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