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We are excited to share our Resources Page. On this page, we share our latest FREE e-books and other relevant materials that will help guide you toward your goal of automating your space. Want to check it out?

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1. Architects, Interior Designers, & General Contractors: Double Your Revenue
Miami is now considered the fourth tech capital of the United States, after Silicon Valley in Northern California, New York City and Austin, Texas. How do South Florida's architects, interior designers, electricians and general contractors capture the leads and opportunities in the growing tech and startup community in South Florida?

Smart technology integration has never been as prevalent as it is now. This e-book gives you the leads and opportunities for doubling your revenue when it comes to working with a smart technology integrator. We believe it's a win-win for you and your customers who will be happy to know they can save money, live smartly, and improve efficiencies for their businesses when they automate their space.
2. Ideal for homeowners and businesses in South Florida
Florida has the most number of smart home properties for sale at 2,242, according to a survey by American home Shield. Both home and condo buying in South Florida are at an all-time high--30% up for home; 50% up for condos ; home improvement projects are also up.

Homeowners are seeing the value of their properties double after a smart home integration. On the other hand, businesses are seeing the value of improving efficiencies and keeping their workforce secure.
3. For homeowners looking for inspiration and an integrated system they can actually use
Are you looking to figure out what you can do in your blank wall space?

Email photos of your space and our team at and we will get back to you with a visual guide on how to best automate your space. Meanwhile, check out a sample for you to download, absolutely free.

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How to work with our certified integrators for your office, yacht, or other spaces
Why South Florida has the most number of smart properties for sale
How an automated system can add value to your property
How an automated system provides convenience, entertainment and peace of mind
How to elevate your plans and designs for your clients
How to choose the right smart technology company