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SMART lighting

Make lighting set your mood

Smart lighting for every brand, selection, type

The many benefits and moods of smart lighting

Control your lights for every mood, purchase, and devices -- wired or wireless
Save energy with automatic switch-on-and-off features
Assign occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, time clocks, other controls
Keep your home safe while away with lighting you can control from anywhere
Wide selection of brand integrations to choose from

Choose your favorite brands

We carry many of these top smart lighting brands -- and more

Who is Control 4 for?

Control4 offers lighting control with a remote control, mobile device and keypad with one-tap customizable buttons.

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When going wireless
Eliminate “wall acne”
Get Essential Lighting
Control with your preferred device
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Who is Crestron for?

Whether you’re looking at building-wide lighting control or in-room lighting control, Crestron offers commercial-grade lighting control solutions.

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Easy for your designers
Scalable load controller
Reduce your number of sensors
Take your pick of interfaces
It gets through glass or brick 
Money saver
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Who is Ketra for?

Ketra works with Lutron’s premium lighting controls to create the ultimate and most personalized intelligent lighting solutions.

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Ketra works with Lutron
Tunable and customizable
Make your space vibrant 
Choose your controllers
and lights 
Innovative lighting solution
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Different mood lights

Who is Lutron for?

Lutron is for those like lighting control convenience with Caseta Wireless dimmers and switches as well as a human-centric lighting system with its T series.

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Perfect for installing
in existing rooms
Smart-away feature
Connected to most devices
Control light in many ways
Energy savers
Tunable human-centric lighting
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