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Spend less time worrying about furniture, paint colors, flooring, and artwork or you'll forget the key element that illuminates all of these excellent features in your space – smart lighting and all the benefits that go with having a system installed. 

As it is, lighting in general can transform a small, dark space into an elegant, comforting environment, but smart lighting is something else entirely. With smart lighting, you can connect it to an app or smart accessory that allows you to automate your lights and control them remotely.

Smart lighting has LED (light-emitting diodes) lights and are retrofitted to work in most spaces. They require significantly less electricity to run. So, smart lighting isn’t just convenient, it’s also a wise financial decision.

Smart lighting's significance cannot be downplayed. As South Florida’s leading smart technology integrator, Premium Digital Control & Automation provides the professional and safe installation your smart lighting needs to work reliably for years to come! 

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Why you will like our smart lighting system

Unlike other companies that rely on a single brand, we offer customized smart lighting solutions based on the specific needs of the space. This sets us apart from our competitors. In addition, we collaborate with architects, interior designers, and contractors to design and install a smart lighting system that meets your requirements and enhances your space.

Below are some of the ways we enhance your life with our smart lighting system:

Mood booster

Your lights can impact your mood when you have the colors of your lighting on command. And it’s easy to control. With a mobile device, you simply tap or use a color wheel to change the colors of your lighting.

Save different colors of lighting and control them from your phone, remote control or tablet computer. Unleash your full color senses to make your space – and mood – even more vibrant. Lights can change the ambiance. Lights can improve energy levels, enhance sleep. 

Hands free

Make your personal space, store or office light up as you arrive. Motion sensors are one thing but what’s different about smart lighting the Premium way is the way you can control different shades of light, time they light up or dim, even the location where you control them. 

You can set your lights to behave any way you want, which means you don’t have to think about how they just turn off or turn on automatically. Smart lighting becomes embedded in your way of life or the way you do business.

Easy to use

Customization can be set up for you, but you can also do easy-to-use light customization. If you can use an app, you can easily control your system from anywhere you are, with whatever device you need it integrated with or the type of space you have.

Energy saver

Some properties and hotels have experienced 28% less energy with connected smart systems that include lighting, while personal spaces have enjoyed up to 40% in energy savings. It’s practical. You’ll save more when you integrate it with other devices. 

Enhanced entertainment

Set the lights to dim and then turn off automatically when it’s time for kids to sleep. It’s more entertaining to watch a movie if you have a theater-like system.

Feel more energized if you have a set schedule for dimming your lights to their desired hues. 

Property protection

It helps protect your space while you’re away as it can be turned on and off remotely. How convenient is that?! Smart lighting also adds value to your space.

Wall acne elimination

Having too many switches and unnecessary lights can add up over time. Eliminate “wall acne” by replacing the accumulation of light fixtures with modern and elegant keypads.

Smart lights are fun with their color-changing capabilities.

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How our pricing works

The cost to design and install a smart lighting system varies depending on the following:

Lighting type: Some smart lights are pricier, because they have more advanced functionalities. A large, outdoor smart light with motion detectors will cost more than a single indoor LED light bulb

Switch type: Some smart dimmers and light switches come with more advanced features (such as Wi-Fi connectability), which cost more upfront

Number of lights: A single smart light will cost less to install than multiple lights

Programming adjustments: Any programming update and wiring job on a connected smart lighting system will cost more


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